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MultiTails The Destination for Digital Technology

We have built automation system that are used to replace a repetitive manual step with one that happens automatically. Humans are fallible. They can become tired, make mistakes, fail to follow instructions, be inconsistent in their job performance, and more. In contrast, automated processes complete instructions exactly as required, in an orderly manner. They can run 24 hours a day, consistenly throughout the years without tiring and with maximum perfection. For many tasks that are appropriate for automation, it can be more cost effective to use automation than human labour.

MultiTails | 3-in-1 Converter

Get rid of the stress and tedious work involved in typing documents by just voicing out contents. Our AI technology can convert speech to text and also dictate and convert handwriting accurately, extract critical business data such as mortgage rates, applicant data, and invoice totals across a variety of forms to process loan, insurance policy and application forms in minutes. Healthcare Providers, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies etc can ease stress, save time and better serve patients, customers, clients, enrollees and insurers by extracting important data from intake forms, insurance claims, and pre-authorization forms which automatically transpose to fit into any kind of database like Excel, SQL etc. Schools and Teachers can now save time and stress involved in typing lesson notes, exam questions, books etc and can easily prepare e-learning materials and other multimedia content. Even Public Sectors can easily extract relevant data from government-related forms such as small business loans, federal tax forms, and business applications with a high degree of accuracy.

MultiTails | Digital Healthcare Solution

This system covers every essential part of a hospital or any healthcare provider. Different users group can access this system. Admin can see and monitor others activities. Doctor can take control of patient information, schedule appointments, provide medical care remotely, conduct treatments and prescriptions virtually. Other groups like nurse, accountant, receptionist, pharmacist and laboratorist have their own window from where they can control and work effortlessly. This system contains a POS which offers inventory management, issuing of invoice and remove any kind of calculation error.

MultiTails | Digital Marketing Automation

AutoPilot is a digital marketing automation software that automates all marketing activities and can replace the services of digital marketing professionals. It comprises a feature for reply and private reply to comment on Facebook and Instagram. Besides, the marketing application has a feature for posting text, image, video, and carousel on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, it has a feature for posting on all social media platforms automatically and also comes with a complete SMS and Email marketing solution. On the other hand, it has a full-featured Ecommerce platform that could be set up inside Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and on web browsers. The AutoPilot Flow Builder is user-friendly and well-designed. You can build a bot on the Flow Builder by dragging and dropping very easily. Simply put, it makes the bot-building process super easy and straightforward. On the AutoPilot Flow Builder, a visual drag and drop chatbot editor, you can easily build a fully interactive and highly responsive Facebook Messenger and Instagram bot. Looking at the bot on the Flow Builder, you can imagine how the bot will interact with your customers. Therefore, you can build the bot in a way that the bot can attract more and more customers. On the Flow Builder, you can build a condition-based intelligent bot that can take decisions based on users’ data and act accordingly. It doesn’t send random messages to every people. Instead, it sends the right message to the right people. # In one word, it is an all-in-one marketing solution for your business.

MultiTails | Digital Education System

Everything is going digital and the education system should not be left out. It’s time for Nigeria to implement a Unified Digital Education System across all the cities and states of the federation. We have to deploy digital technologies to get rid of all manual operations in our schools. All the information from different school across the country should be unified into a digital system for quick and easy access to data. This and more have been made possible in our new digital education system. This new digital education system provides every school in Nigeria with a personalized School Website, Portal with Mobile App and School Management System with E-Learning, E-Library, Online Examination/CBT etc.
Data Management for Teachers: This new digital education system will keep record of every teacher in every school from all the states in Nigeria. The Teacher’s record will be linked with the National Identity Number (NIN) so that with NIN, the teacher’s information can easily be accessed from any school across the states. The system keeps record of the teacher’s salary grade, level, ratings from parents/students, qualification, work experience, areas of specialization, achievements etc. With this, teachers will nolonger have to be filling employment application forms or submitting C.Vs. Just with their NIN, schools can easily have access to their data. This will prevent information forgery as school can now have access to the authentic information about the teachers which will help schools to employ quality teachers with good record. In the case of a teacher relocating from one state to another or changing from one school to another, the new school irrespective the location will easily have access to information about the teacher and the teacher’s data can easily be transferred from the previous school to the new school just with the NIN and without having to fill forms.
Data Management for Students: Just as explained above for teachers is also applicable to students. Students will nolonger have to fill admission forms and go through admission processes over and over again. For a student to be admitted in any school in any state, the student will only visit the school website and click on “Online Admission”, then just by entering NIN, the student’s information will be transferred from the previous school to the new school irrespective of the location. This also help schools to recover debts from students/parents that left the school to another school.

MultiTails | Digital Payment System

A platform where users can purchase Mobile Data Bundles, VTU Airtime, Pay Electricity Bills, Pay for TV Subscription and other e-payment services. We have designed our website to accommodate user needs. Providing users of our platform the opportunity to save cost, make fast, secured, efficient and rewarding purchases and bill payments. Data can be rollover if you re-subscribe before expiry date of current plan.

Automated Questions Generator System

This is a new innovation in Nigeria. With this, teachers will no longer set questions for exams/test. This system generate questions randomly based on the school curriculum, the questions will be generated for both objective and theory in a normal printable question paper. Now, teachers will have to ensure that they cover their scheme of work because questions will be generated randomly from all the topics in the school curriculum. New questions will also be generated at every interval, different from the previous. This system saves the cost of typing/printing exam questions, saves the cost of paying a typist or employing a staff to type exam questions which the school will spend over 50,000Naira on monthly salary. This system will also make teachers to deliver their duties effectively without stress. This system will also ensure that the students are thought well which will improve the quality of the school and as well increase the number of students’ enrollment every term hence more money for the school every term.

MultiTails | The Destination for Digital Technology


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